E-Sports: Filipino Dota 2 team bags P26 million at WESG

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  The Philippines' TNC Predator was crowned champion once again in the Dota 2 tournament of the recent World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) 2018 in Chongqing, China.

  The team announced their win on Facebook, citing the troubles they had going to the tournament.

  "It is known that our group had encountered challenges outside the game way back last year, and we are thankful for those who stuck with us through thick and thin," said the group.

  "We extend our thanks 必发88官网 to Raven and eyyou 必发88 who stepped up 必发88官网 for us as stand-ins in this competition. We could've not achieved this feat without their hard work."

  With their victory over China's Keen Gaming at the WESG, TNC Predator took home $500,000 (around P26,350,000).

  The Filipino team first won the title in 2016.

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