How to Check Your Glucose Levels

Being able to test or check on your glucose levels can be really important when you have diabetes. You absolutely need to know how high or low your glucose is, especially when it comes to managing and controlling the levels of glucose closely. However, many people don’t actually know how they can check on their glucose levels.

Usually, doctors have that prime responsibility in checking; however nowadays there are easy ways in which anyone can check on their glucose. In fact, more doctors are recommending that those with diabetes check on their glucose and blood levels. So how can this be done?

The Traditional Home Method

You can easily test your levels by using a glucose meter. This is a special little machine that is used to check the body’s glucose levels; however, these machines are useful because they can allow you to manage your diabetes almost. So, the first thing you must do is to get a glucose meter. Your doctor may give you this, or you may have to purchase one but it can be important to have one at home.diabetes

With the lancet that accompanies the meter, you will use this to prick your finger, allowing a tiny drop of blood to drip onto a little test paper. This paper is then put into the machine and the levels of glucose are analyzed within seconds and given to you on the machine screen. Once you see the readings, you can know whether your levels are too low or too high, allowing you to manage your condition.

When Should You Run A Test?

If you want to understand how your glues levels change throughout the day and coming weeks, it would be best to run a test before meals. Usually, only one test a day is enough to tell or show you how high or low your levels are. However, you can do this twice a day but usually your doctor will recommend once. Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Diabetic Desserts for You and Your Family

Being able to choose a healthy but delicious diabetic dessert is important. Of course, it might seem that you can’t have a great dessert if you suffer from diabetes but that is not the case. In fact, you can still enjoy great tasting desserts even if you have diabetes. Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean to say you have to miss out on some of the amazing desserts but you do have to be a little wiser. You have to check on the sugar content as well as calories and a lot of other things but you can easily choose low sugar desserts for you today.

Diabetic Friendly Holiday Dessert

Have a Variety of Diabetic Desserts Available

First things first, have a brief look as to what is available to you. Have a look at the local shops and see what type of desserts they have. Full on or high in fat or sugar chocolate cake is probably not going

to be great for you however there are a lot of different desserts to choose from. Oatcakes and fruit dishes can be great but they aren’t just the only options available to you.

You really do want to have a variety of options available to you. Search local stores and get an idea over what is there, sometimes, what looks bad for you is actually not too bad but it’s important to check on the sugar content.

Learn What Things You Like and What You Don’t


The next thing you have to do is to think about the things you love to eat and the things you don’t. You might think you like certain things until you try them so test out a few things because you might surprise yourself over what you like. Sometimes, you don’t need to always stay away from the so called bad chocolate and all that but that isn’t necessary. Continue reading